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United Airlines originated from United Airlines Holdings and has its Headquarters at Willis Tower, Chicago. It’s among the top airlines in the USA and has 356 destinations, of which 125 are international.  United Airlines was formed in the 1920s after the amalgamation of various airlines Varney Air Lines included. It’s part of Star Alliance and has a total of 760 fleet that makes 4700 daily trips.

The central hub is at Main Hub: Chicago-O’Hare International Airport. With its frequent flier program known as MileagePlus, travelers earn points whenever they travel domestically and internationally. United Airlines is also ranked third worldwide in terms of the number of routes and fleet size.

United Airlines Stock

The following are information about United Airlines Stock

Previous close51.10
Day’s Range49.44-51.02
52-week Range30.32-63.70
Average Volume12,857,174
Market capitalization16.477B

How do I book a flight with United Airlines?

United airlines booking can be made offline and online with a simple follow process. First, you must visit the United Airlines website and click on the Book tab. After that, a window will open, prompting you to enter your information, including departure, arrival city, date of departure and number of travelers.

Then hit on the search, and you’ll find a list of flights plus the costs. When you book the flight, there is an option where you have to add more details about the traveler, then process the payment before completing the booking process.  

Alternatively, United Airlines booking through is also seamless. The travel agency will always send you notifications and reminders about your flight departure, and you can inquire about your flight.

United Airlines Classes

To ensure safe and sound travel for all customers, United Airlines offers different classes to suit everyone’s needs. The benefits and cost of booking tickets for these classes vary so, and it’s worth checking out what’s included and what not included in the classes.

Basic Economy

United Airlines booking on Basic Economy enables the passenger to get a pre-assigned seat before boarding. You also get a meal/snacks and complimentary beverages and have one free personal item. Family/group sitting isn’t possible, and you’ll be charged an extra $120 (roundtrip) for your first checked bag. You can upgrade, change or get a refund.

United Economy

With a United Economy ticket, you’ll get all the amenities and inflight services offered in Basic Economy. However, there are fewer restrictions. For instance, you’ll have one personal item and one carry-on bag for free. You’ll be assigned a seat after United AirLines check-in, and Mileage Plus members can also upgrade their class. Both complementary meals/snacks and beverages are available. 

Economy Plus

Economy plus give passengers up to 6-inch legroom, and it’s best for travelers who want to enjoy their flight session while seated at the front of the plane. You’ll get a 17-19-inch reclined seat with a pitch varying from 34-38-inch.  One carry-on bag, one personal item, complimentary meal/snack, and beverage services are included on United Economy Plus Package. Lastly, Mileage Plus members can upgrade their seats.

United Premium Plus

United airlines book a flight on United Premium Plus to get perks like one carry-on baggage, one personal item, up to 13-inch entertainment screen, dedicated overhead cabin, amenity kit, improved beverage and meal/snack services.  The seats on Premium Plus Class are 17-19 inches wide and a pitch of 34-38 inches. However, Premium Plus is available on select long-haul international flights and premium transcontinental flights.

United Business

Priority United Air Lines check-in, boarding and security are among the major benefits of buying United Airline tickets on United Business Class.  Other offers include free two checked baggage, one personal item, one carry-on baggage, priority baggage handling, 20-24-inch-wide leather reclining seats with 75-78-inch pitch.

Stay updated and interned on the 13-inch entertainment screen and stay comfortable by using the premium amenities provided. Lastly, enjoy premium alcoholic beverages and chef meal services.

United First

With United First Ticket, you’ll be among the first to board the plane, as well as priority check-in and security. A dedicated overhead cabin, one carry-on bag, two checked baggage, one personal item, premium amenities and a 13-inch entertainment screen are among the perks of this class.  Other includes a 20-24-inch-wide flatbed/open suite reclining seat with 75-78-inch pitch, upgraded chef meal services, plus complimentary alcoholic beverages.

Polaris Business Class

For passengers looking for maximum comfort while travelling with United Airlines, booking Polaris Business Class is highly recommended.  Seats in Polaris Business Class follow a 1-2-1 pattern, and the seats have a width ranging from 20-22 inches and can recline to a 78-inch lie flatbed. If on a long-haul international journey, you’ll love the experience of travelling on a Polaris Business Class

United Economy Baggage Policy

According to the airline’s baggage policy published on their website, passengers on Economy Class airfare will cater for the following. Carry-on baggage, free carry-on items and free personal items, but you’ll have to observe weight and size restrictions to avoid extra charges.  On the other hand, checked baggage/hold baggage, sports equipment, oversized and overweight baggage will attract additional charges, as we shall see later.

United Airlines carry-on baggage policy

United Air Lines check-in passengers are entitled to one personal item (briefcase, laptop bag or purse) and single carry-on baggage, and they don’t have to pay any baggage fee. However, the following restrictions apply to carry-on luggage.

Before United Air Lines check-in, the airline baggage policies state that the one free carry-on baggage shouldn’t exceed 45 linear inches (22-inch x 11-inch x 8-inch), including wheels and handles.

Carry-on personal items

Personal items should also not violate the United Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy. So, every time you think of United airlines booking, keep the following in mind.  The bag shouldn’t be more than 36 linear inches (16x11x8-Inch) and should perfectly fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. Diaper bags, umbrellas, jackets and umbrellas also fall under the personalized carry-on item. However, assistive devices like children restraint seats, crutches, wheelchairs, strollers and walkers also will fall under this category.

United Airlines checked baggage policy

If you have to enjoy your vacation, you can’t leave behind your most important items, and because of the United Air Lines baggage policy, you won’t be limited. United Airlines is among the best airlines in the USA that offers affordable baggage fees and the best baggage policy favoring many U.S travelers.

You can carry two free checked bags, but you have to pay a fee if you are in Economic Class.  However, these bags must have a total linear dimension not exceeding 62 inches.  Furthermore, the weight is limited to 50lbs (23kg). So, if you have some luggage to load, please ensure you are within the recommended dimensions and weight.

United Airlines Baggage fees

Various factors help the airline decide the baggage fees, such as airfare and destination. Active U.S. military personnel persons or dependents or those registered for the frequent flyer program will also have unique offers.

Domestic flights

Are you after United airlines book a flight tips for saving on travel expenses? Reducing the number of baggage, you carry can help you save some dollars when you are travelling Domestically. Check out the following. A baggage fee of $35 is levied on your first checked baggage, while on the second, you’ll pay $45 one all are one-way travel. However, if you have the third or additional bags, you’ll pay $150 per bag.

International flights

If you are travelling internationally and you prefer United airlines booking, then get ready to pay $100 for your second standard checked baggage and free for the first.  However, those on Basic Economy pay $60 for the first bag and $100 for the second hold luggage.

United Airlines fee for excess baggage

If you have the third, fourth or more bags, the charges will start at a range of $150 on every bag. However, the fee depends typically on your route.  To get an exact figure, check on the airline’s website.

Overweight Baggage

Suppose you have a bag that weighs more than 50 lbs., then you have incurred additional costs based on United Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy. Bags weighing 51-70lbs will be charged between $100-$200 per bag. 71-100lbs baggage is charged at $400 extra per bag. Baggage weighing over 100lbs will not fall under checked baggage.

Oversized baggage

Before United Air Lines check-in, it is important to know the charges for oversized baggage. From the United Air Lines baggage policy, any bag between 63-115 linear inches will be charged at $200. However, a bag beyond 115 linear inches won’t be reared as checked luggage.

United Airlines Check-in Policy

For many air travellers, United airlines booking is one of the best options as the airline offers various ways to check-in. We understand how hard it has been in the past few days to go past the check-in stage. Luckily, United Air Lines check-in policy allows passengers to check-in through the following ways

Mobile Check-in

United mobile App is compatible with Android, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and iOS devices; just like online check-in, there are restrictions for using these services. However, you should check in between 24 hours and 1 hour before the departure time. Also, you must possess an electronic ticket and depart from an airport that allows mobile check-in. you must not be a passenger with special needs

Online web check-in

To use the online web check-in option, you should do it within 24 hours and 1 hour before departure.  You must also not be a special needs passenger and must possess an electronic ticket. Lastly, you should be able to confirm your reservation using an e-ticket number, frequent flyer account or confirmation code.

United Airlines auto check-in

It’s a recommended check-in option if you have a segment flight or return flight within 24hours.  The auto-check in option takes the necessary action so you can receive your boarding pass through email, mobile or print

Self-service kiosk check-in

Passengers can opt for a Self-service kiosk check-in service at the airport, and it’s mostly ideal for travelers unable to use mobile check-in or online check-in. However, you should be in between 30minutes to 3 hours before departure time.

United Airlines Voice check-in

It’s the quickest and sure way of ensuring the United Air Lines check-in process is successful, especially for those travelling within Canada or the U.S and must have a group of fewer than 10 persons. All you need to do is to make a phone call and check-in.

United Airlines curbside check-in

Before choosing this United Air Lines check-in option, ensure you have your Flight reservation code, flight number/electronic ticket number and I.D. card. However, you should also be aware of the airports that allow curbside check-in.

Counter Check-in

For you to consider this method of United Airline Check-in option, you should avail yourself at the airport between 30 minutes and 3 hours to the flight departure time.  As you check-in, the service agent will also print your boarding pass.

United Airlines Pet Policy

Pets In Cabin

United Airlines Pet policy states clearly that only two pets can travel in a cabin, so it’s recommended to make a reservation by calling 1-800-864-8331 between 30-5 days before the departure date. However, the pet (cat, dog or rabbit) must be kept in an approved kennel that allows them to move freely within the carrier. The fee is $125 if you are travelling within Canada, U.S or U.S territories.  

Pets In Cargo

However, if you have a pet that doesn’t qualify to be transported in a cabin, United Airlines offers an alternative transportation method through their PetSafe program. PetSafe carter for pets within 2 pounds (1kg) to 770 pounds (350kg), but the charges will vary depending on the destination and pet size. Check out the following price category of pets transported domestically and internationally.

  • Under 11 pounds (5kg): $201-$417
  • 300lbs (136kg)- 770lbs(350kg): $963-$2410

Through 1-832-235-1541 or 1-800-575-3335, you can get in touch with the PetSafe Desk to make transportation arrangements for your lovely pet.

United Airlines MileagePlus

United Airlines has a frequent flyer loyalty program known as MileagePlus.  Whenever you fly, you’ll earn miles that can be redeemed for reward flights. As you keep accumulating mileage, you also make it up on the membership ranking. With such ranking, you can get elite benefits like additional luggage and priority check-in. 

MileagePlus members can redeem the miles on other members of Star Alliance.  So, how do you earn miles on the MileagePlus program? By shopping, dining out, flying and using certain credit, you get to accumulate miles.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Basic Economy

According to United Airlines Cancellation Policy, passengers are allowed to cancel their ticket within 24 hours from the time of booking without being charged cancellation fees.  However, you must have bought your ticket 7 days or more before departure.


After 24 hours, you aren’t allowed to cancel a Basic Economy ticket. However, if you bought a non-refundable ticket, then there will be a $200 cancellation fee for domestic flights. Still, if it’s an international flight, then you can incur up to $400 depending on the United Airlines Classes. Suppose the passengers or the passenger’s traveling companion die or military order, and then even the non-refundable ticket can be refunded provided you have supporting documents.


On the other hand, passengers with refundable tickets can cancel their flight any time before departure at no charge.  The refund will then be credited to your account after one week.

Award Tickets

The flowing is the cancellation fees for the award tickets

  • 61 or more days prior to departure: General member ($75), Premier Silver ($50), Premier Gold ($25), Premier Platinum ($0) Premier 1K ($0)
  • 60 or fewer days prior to departure: General member ($125), Premier Silver ($100), Premier Gold ($75), Premier Platinum ($50) Premier 1K ($0)
  • No-Show: General member ($125), Premier Silver ($125), Premier Gold ($125), Premier Platinum ($125) Premier 1K ($125).

Frequently Asked Questions on United Airlines

Q What is the United Airline Check-in policy?

United Airlines offers more than one check-in option, including Mobile Check-in, Online web check-in, Auto check-in, Self-service kiosk check-in, Voice check-in, Curbside check-in and Counter Check-in.

Q Can I cancel the United Airlines Flight?

You are free to cancel your ticket free of charge, provided it’s within 24 hours from the time you bought your ticket. After 24 hours, you aren’t allowed to cancel Non- refundable Basic Economy tickets. Still, you can cancel tickets bought in other classes at a cost ($200 for domestic flights and up to $400 for international flights). On the other hand, you can cancel refundable tickets and get your refunds within a week.

Q Can I fly with my pet on United Airlines?

Yes, however, you must make arrangements since only two pets are allowed in the cabin, and you must pay a $125 pet fee besides the pet being placed in a pet-approved carrier.

Q Can I carry an oversized or overweight bag?

United Air Lines Baggage Fees and Policy state that overweight bags (over 50 pounds) incur additional charges between $100 and $400. However, the bag should exceed 100lbs. On the other hand, oversized baggage 63-115 linear inches attract a $200 fee, and a bag with over 115 linear inches won’t fall under checked baggage or carry-on baggage.

Q What are United Airlines classes?

Basic Economy, United Economy, Economy Plus, United Premium Plus, United Business, United First and Polaris Business Class

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