UAE: Emirati donate Dh100,000 to help prison inmates buy flight tickets, return home 800-687-6013

Emirates Airline

UAE: Emirati donate Dh100,000 to help prison inmates buy flight tickets, return home 800-687-6013

Posted By: Admin 26 Apr, 2022

Emirates Airline donate Dh100,000 to the betterment of the lives of inmates who are facing difficult reintegration into society after being convicted of a crime, writes News19. Emiratis are well-known for their social concern and their efforts to ensure that everyone is given the chance to lead a healthy and happy life. They are also known for their philanthropic acts, such as giving away Dh100,000 to bring back home the released inmates. 

All this along with their emphasis on making the transport system better and their dedication to manufacturing and marketing high-quality products. The donation was made possible by the Government of the United Arab Emirates, which is a private company that is also a member of the Saudi Arabian Society of Commerce and Industry (SACI).

Dubai’s Donate Dh100,000 to Help Prison inmates Buy Flight Tickets

Dh100,000 has been donated to the UAE’s Central Prisoner’s Aid Fund (CP fe) to help pay for the Book flight tickets, return tickets, and other expenses associated with the release of released inmates. The rest of the donations will go towards helping the inmates achieve their goals, such as job training, medical and educational assistance, and other support services.

UAE Announces 15% Increase in International Donations

On November 15th, 2016, the number of international donations made to the UAE increased by 15% when more than 50,000 donations were made by individuals around the world. This increase is only possible due to the UAE’s becoming a major investor in the last few years and it’s having a tough time getting reacquainted with the international community as a whole donate.

UAE Launches Private Label for Travel Equipment

On November 18th, the UAE government released a private label for travel services that includes flight and hotel reservations, car rentals, tour guides, and other services. The product range consists of travel guides, airport guides, hotels and other related products. The products also include articles on how to use the products in specific situations.

UAE Introduces Private Label for Travel Supplies

On November 26th, the UAE government released a private label for travel supplies that includes air quality blankets, travel toilet Paper, travel diapers, travel toys, and other supplies. The products come with instructions and are easy to use.

The Future of the UAE’s Donation Program

On November 28th, the UAE’s Higher Council of Senior Affairs published a report about the country’s progress in making donate after being notified of the government’s annual giving record. The conclusions of the report are that the UAE’s total donations were the highest in the Middle East and North Africa (MEMBER) region. 

The Willingness of the population to donate

On November 30th, the UAE’s Ministry of Health published a survey that found that 40.9% of people in the UAE think they are likely to be generous with their donations, but among those who are generous, just 12.9% are willing to make a contribution. This amount amounts to 26.4% of the country’s total charitable giving, which is just shy of the US average of 29.9%.

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In the year ending June 2017, the UAE made a total of 7,672 donations, of which 5,921 were donate to the general causes of human and civil rights, 2,099 were to education, and 921 were to social justice, and 921 were to social entrepreneurship. The main reasons for making contributions are for the common good and for helping others. In addition to these, the government also encouraged the public to contribute via social media and via different channels, helping to further develop the idea of making donations voluntary. 

In closing, the UAE has made significant strides over the years in making donations voluntary. The majority of people continue to make donations voluntarily, and the number of donations has increased greatly since its foundation as a democracy. The UAE’s humanitarian efforts continue to grow, and its donor base is becoming more diverse. With the global challenges facing the country and the means to overcome them, making donations to the benefit of local communities and supporting the delivery of vital services is a worthwhile and effective way to help resolve global challenges.

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