Southwest Baggage Allowance

Before buying a ticket from, Southwest Airlines, it’s important to know about their baggage allowance, so you don’t get stranded at the airport. Whenever we are traveling, we can’t avoid looking for cheap flights ticket deals and packing your bags because we keep our essential things. Unlike other Airlines, Southwest is so far the best when it comes to baggage allowance policy. However, when you have checked baggage, it must undergo physical inspection to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Southwest Baggage Allowance A Detailed Guide For Flyers

It isn’t inevitable for every baggage with checked baggage to include a label on their luggage’s interior and exterior. After the inspection, ask for a claim check and ensure your final destination is indicated on the label. However, don’t include self-defense spray on your carry-on or checked baggage because they are prohibited on Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Carry-on baggage allowance

All the baggage is entitled to have a standard carry-on bag and a personal item bag at no charge. However, the size of an individual item bag is restricted to 18.5×13.5×8.5 inches, while the standard carry-on bag must be within a 24x16x10-inch dimension.

On the other hand, the Lap infant carry-on policy does not allow lap infant carry-on, which means you have to include them in your bag. Lastly, the Southwest stroller check policy permits checking car seats and strollers at the ticket counter, gate, or curb at no charge. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

Unlike other Airlines, southwest Airline allows two free checked baggage for every customer with a ticket. However, this offer is for size and with which means you should check your baggage dimension before setting out to the airport. Let’s look at what happens when you have more than two checked bags.

Excess Baggage

Based on Southwest excess baggage policy, any travel with an extra bag other than the permitted tow bags will have to pay. However, the extra bag must be less than or equal to 50lbs and 62 inches (L+W+H), but the ticket holder must pay $75 for every extra bag. However, if your excess baggage is oversized or overweight, then you’ll pay $75 for the extra bag plus another $75 for it being oversized or overweight. 

Size and weight allowance

We said that southwest allows free 2 checked baggage for every ticket holder. However, if any of the two baggage has a weight exceeding 50lbs and 62inches, then the Airline will not reconsider it under the free baggage policy. When the baggage is between 51-100 pounds and is over 80-Inch, then you have to pay $75 per baggage one way.

If your baggage weighs more than 100lbs., then it’s regarding as Air cargo, but the owner must verify as a Known Shipper before they can use SWA cargo. However, military Passengers with permanent change of station orders or active duty don’t charge for excess, overweight or oversize baggage. However, any baggage they carry on shouldn’t exceed 80-inch in size (L+W+H) and 100lbs in weight. 

Liability Policy

If your languages are damage, delay, or lost, you can claim Southwest Airlines’ liability, which’s limit to $3800 for every ticket holder on a domestic flight. However, you must report lost or damage baggage within a time frame of four hours after the arrival. So, hurry up and book your flight by using Cheap International Flights Deals with Book Flights Ticket.

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