20 Tips For Saving Money on Summer Travel

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Tips For Saving Money on Summer Travel

20 Tips For Saving Money on Summer Travel

Posted By: Admin 29 Jun, 2021

Traveling during summer without a proper plan can cost you a lot of money. It can limit you from touring the major attraction sites in the world. Well, you don’t need to break your bank to enjoy a peaceful summer vacation. You can use summer traveling tips to cut down travel expenses while still maintaining the level of your comfort as you travel.

Save Money on Next Summer Travel

Below are the top 20 Tips For Saving Money on Summer Travel. So get ready to buy your cheap flights ticket and start travelling.

Use Airline miles

Do you know that you get points per mile you cover every time you book using your credit card? If you signed up for a good travel credit card, you’d be able to accumulate points that you can later redeem for train tickets, free hotel stays, and free airfare. If you let the points accumulate, you can save a lot during this summer by redeeming airline miles.

Buy vacation bundles

Today, many travel agencies offer discounted bundle booking, which enables travelers to save a lot on travel expenses. If you are flying to Europe, you can book an air ticket, hotel room and rent a car from the same travel agency.  You’ll be able to save about $570 when you buy a vacation bundle. But ensure you compare all the available deals.

Fly on Tuesdays

During summer seasons, it’s more affordable to fly on Tuesdays, but generally, weekday flights tend to be cheaper than booking flights that depart on weekends. So, if you are interested in saving travel expenses during this summer season, it’s advisable to book on Tuesdays but avoid Sundays or Saturdays.

Avoid traveling on Summer holidays

Well, the cost of traveling during summer is normally high, but that means you won’t find a more affordable deal. However, traveling during the summer holiday is normally more expensive. If you book on days other than Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July, you will save a lot.

Find travel deals on coupons Gateways

Living Social and Groupon are among the major sites that offer amazing travel deals. The cost of these travel deals is normally cheaper, and at this time when everyone wants to travel, you’ll surely pay less when you use these coupon websites to buy your travel bundles or deals.

Subscribe for travel newsletters

It takes time and effort to research the best travel deals, especially during this summer season. Instead of going through all that hassle, you can subscribe to travel newsletters from the best airfare comparison websites like Secret Flying, Airfare Watchdog, and The Flight Deal.  These sites have complex algorithms that enable them to know when the airfare is reduced.

Use credit cards without foreign transaction fees

Assume you are booking a flight at an average cost of $1000, and your credit card charge 1-3% when you make foreign transactions. How much is that? $10-$30? That’s too much cost, so you should use a credit card that charges no fees on the foreign transaction.

Visit All-inclusive Resort

When traveling to a foreign land, you may spend a lot of money because you aren’t familiar with the cost of living in your travel destination. So, it’s advisable to research an all-inclusive resort that offers affordable services, including accommodation,  food, drinks, entertainment, and other activities. You’ll save a reasonable amount of money.

Book last-minute flights

Planning a vacation is great for saving traveling costs. Similarly, booking last minute flights could help you find a great travel deal. However, always get ready to book a flight whenever you notice a fair deal. Check booking sites like Expedia or kayak, and you’ll find a good last-minute travel deal.

Be flexible

Summer is one of the seasons when the majority of US citizens plan for their vacations. As a result, you notice an increase in airfare on flights connecting the US and the outside world.  However, being flexible with your itinerary will help you to get a cheap air ticket. You can alter your departure date, destination, departure point, and time of travel to see if there is a deal that’s worth taking.

Consider alternate airports

How many airports can you access easily? If you can drive to nearby airports, you can consider searching for flights from any airport around you. JFK, LAX, Chicago O’Hare, and Newark have so many nonstop flights, meaning you’ll find various travel deals from these major airports.

Plan your summer vacation around a deal

Normally, people plan a vacation by identifying a  destination and searching for fair airfares to that destination. But planning your trip backward is a great way of saving on travel expenses. Start by finding a super travel deal, and then you plan your vacation around it. Many travel agencies such as TravelZoo, Travelocity, and Expedia offer these fair travel deals.

Book domestic flights

Booking international flights during summer could be more expensive, that’s why we suggest traveling domestically. There are so many tourist destinations within the US, and you’ll still get that thrilling experience. Many airlines that provide international flights do offer discounted airfares. Spending 2-3 nights away is great for minimizing the cost of travel.

Choose a destination with free things to do

Other than paying for the airfare, you may also be forced to pay for entertainment. When you visit a beach, you and your counterparts will find it enjoyable to play in the sand along the beach and watch the sun as it sets down.

Also, when you choose to visit mountains, hiking and exploration are free activities you can engage in. However, you can visit cultural cities like New Orleans, and you’ll be entertained with music and free entertainment. There will be no need to pay while on your vacation.

Call Travel Agency

Another trick for getting cheap airfare is by booking through airline travel agencies. These companies directly connect with the airlines, so they will be the first to know about the best summer travel deals. Other than booking directly, you call them and ask if they have any fair travel deal, which in most cases, you’ll never miss.

Don’t forget about discounters

Do you know that there are websites that offer summer travel discounts? Many travelers nowadays are considering these booking sites. You can get as much as a $100 discount depending on the site you use.

Use Air Pass

In a move to promote tourism, many national airlines normally offer air passes that allow tourists to tour their country without problems. Although the cost of an air pass may be high, its benefits are impeccable. You can enjoy discounted or free travel once you have the air pass and access to accommodation and many more.

Apply for travel insurance

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many travelers were unable to travel because their flights were canceled. Without travel insurance, you’ll lose not only your money but also time. So, it’s best to apply for travel insurance to be safe in case you lose your baggage, or your flight is canceled.

Don’t overload yourself

Some airlines may allow you to have one free carry-on and one checked baggage as long as it’s within the recommended dimensions. Having extra baggage will increase your travel expenses since you’ll have to pay for them separately. But if you pack, you’ll never have to incur other costs.

Book flights early

Summer holidays get busy with so many traveling in and out of the US. Therefore, you can get a good travel deal by booking three months to your departure date.


When flying into or out of the US, it’s ideal to be updated about COVID-19 information. All visitors should present proof of coronavirus vaccination card or negative test for coronavirus. All set? Begin arranging your late spring stumble on Cheap International Flights and ready to travel.

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