Indigo Baggage Allowance: A Detailed Guide For Flyers

IndiGo Airlines is one of the major air carriers in India and holds more than 42.5% of the country’s shares. The airline has 219 flights that cover 15 international and 56 domestic destinations. Generally, IndiGo Airlines is a low-cost option and could be ideal during this COVID-19 pandemic.  We here provide you the information about the change in protocols during covid and cheap flights ticket available at Indigo.

However, when you want to carry your baggage, you will need to read and understand the IndiGo baggage allowance policies to get frustrated at the airport. Parking can be challenging, especially when you plan for international travel, because you’ll need to include all your essential electronics, clothing, and sports equipment.

Indigo Baggage Allowance

On the other hand, you may be forced to pay too much for the baggage if you aren’t aware of the IndiGo baggage allowance policy. Find out more about IndiGo Airlines baggage policy.

Cabin Baggage

IndiGo Airlines baggage policies indicate that your hand baggage consists only of a cabin bag and handbag. The cabin bag shouldn’t exceed a weight of 7kgs and 55x35x25 cm, while the purse should have a maximum weight of 3Kgs and 55x35x25 cm.

Carry-on baggage content

IndiGo Airlines permits passengers to carry only one cabin bag and one carry-on baggage, a laptop bag or ladies handbag. However, they restricted items you can include on your luggage for the safety of everyone on deck.  When traveling with an infant, you can have one baby pram or stroller per kid free of charge. 

Furthermore, passengers can carry special items such as a pair of crutches, braces, or a fully collapsible wheelchair. Additionally, you can come with liquids at most 100mml per container, and the container should fit perfectly on resealable transparent and plastic bags.

However, the content of your bag matters a lot, and to be safe, you should include gels, creams, liquids exceeding 100ml on carry-on baggage.  Other things you shouldn’t have in your luggage include sharp objects, toy ammunition, dry cell batteries, knives, weapons, aerosols, electronic devices which you can’t turn off, and any item that poses a security risk.

Checked-in baggage

When you book IndiGo Airlines for a domestic flight, you’ll get permit to have checked-in baggage checked-in baggage weighing 15kg. When traveling internationally, your checked-in baggage can be 20kg or 30kg, depending on your destination.   In both cases, the recommended dimension should be 158 (62-inch).

However, suppose you have to connect two flights where the IndiGo international sector connects with the IndiGo domestic sector. In that case, you’ll enjoy a free luggage allowance as stipulated on the international sector baggage policies.

When you connect the IndiGo domestic sector with another airline from any international destination, your check-in baggage allowance is limit to 15kg, but you can buy prepaid excess baggage.

Special baggage/Sports equipment

People who travel for sports purposes will need to carry their sports gear when traveling domestically or internationally. Golf bags, skiing equipment, surfboards, and bicycles fall under special baggage. Other items include LCD, LED TV beyond 99.06cm, and large items will also be considered special baggage.

When you have special baggage, you’ll pay 2,000INR while traveling internationally and 1,000INR on domestic flights. Musical instruments, including guitars, will be carried free on both international and domestic IndiGo flights. It’s mandatory to include all musical instruments on checked-in baggage except guitars on soft cases.

Oversized baggage

Sometimes you may have oversized baggage, and you feel like you should carry it. The item may not be of the specified measurement, volume, or weight. In such a situation, make arrangements and call IndiGo Airline customer care. You can book an extra seat for oversized baggage at will. Remember that you settle this with the agent before you can be allowed to travel. So get ready and plan your cheap international flights with Indigo to initiate your travel.

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